Gharam is one of the associates at the Corporate Department in AlGhazzawi & Partners’ Jeddah office. Prior to joining AlGhazzawi & Partners, Gharam started her career with eminent law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including Hassan Al Mahasni Law Firm, as well as Dentons International Law Firm, where she focused on drafting, advising on as well as negotiating local and international commercial contracts and agreements. Moreover, she advised on the forming of local and foreign companies in different sectors, drafting civil contracts related to real estate, founding owners’ associations, and labor contracts.

Gharam has extensive experience in her fields of expertise, which enables her to provide clients with practical and strategic guidance that will help them achieve their objectives and reduce risk. Her vast expertise gives the clients a feeling of security and assurance that they are in the hands of a highly skilled legal counsel who will preserve their interests without taking a step back. Gharam has established a reputation as a highly competent legal advisor thanks to her unwavering commitment to her clientele and her practical, hassle-free method of satisfying their needs. In order to give her clients the best chance of success, Gharam makes sure they receive more than just legal advice. She uses her business and life abilities in addition to her legal knowledge.

Gharam has been practicing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for almost 7 years and is currently advising multinational public and private legal entities from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Her areas of practice include:

  • Corporate/merger & acquisition: advising buyers and sellers on cross-border public and private merging, demerging, buying and selling of companies and their assets, formation and restructuring of companies and with joint ventures and strategic alliances, in a broad range of industries; conduct legal due diligence to ascertain the financial performance of the company, the status of its assets, whether there are any outstanding debts or legal claims that could prove problematic, and whether there are any environmental, intellectual property or antitrust liabilities that could affect the value of the target going forward; negotiate and draft agreements with different parties; gather all parties for the completion of the transaction, ensuring all assets have been properly covered by written documents that are duly executed; finalize all post-completion registrations and procedures;
  • Construction: advising on and drafting infrastructure, construction, engineering, and general procurement contracts;
  • Property/real estate: advising on and draft sales, purchases and leases of land and buildings and advise on the structure of deals; advise clients on their responsibilities in leasehold relationships and on how to take action if problems arise;
  • Employment: advising on an employee and employer rights and obligations, contentious labor disciplinary and grievance matters within individual employment relationships, remuneration, employer negligence and culpability, and employee liability resulting in employment claims or negotiating a settlement and on non-contentious employment matters, including employment contracts and policies, and providing guidance on restructuring and termination programs;
  • Commercial: advising on and drafting wide range of commercial agreements and standard forms related to the client’s business and the client’s protection against liability for claims.


  • Arabic
  • English
  • French


  • 2017 - Bachelors of Law and International Relation from Dar Al-Hekmah

Representative Work

Gharam advised:

  • the establishment of power towers and data centers in hand with the CITC;
  • performed legal due diligence for various companies including Jabal Omar and Al-Balad Al Ameen;
  • Carried out liquidation of various companies;
  • Handling litigation matters in the labor, intellectual property, commercial, and family law sectors.
  • Worked with the GACA in order to resolve a dispute in which a client’s aircraft was held on GACA grounds;
  • Worked on a client’s litigation dispute against the GACA and Saudi Airlines;
  • Handled various corporate matters for Amazon including but not limited to entity establishments, and labor advisory;
  • Handled various litigation matters for;
  • advising on termination of employment agreements in light of COVID-19 and other reasons, termination of agency agreements, etc.;
  • working with GCAM to issue one of the first cinema licenses in the history of the Kingdom for clients including but not limited to Empire Theatres, and Grand Cinemas ;
  • working on Lease Agreements for various major cinema companies including but not limited to AMC;
  • Advising major contracting companies on various corporate, legal, and labor matters including but not limited to AECOM and Binladen;
  • Working with the SFDA for various medical equipment and pharmaceutical companies in order to register authorized distribution agreements, registering products, and establishing medical and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Advising a major leading electric vehicle battery manufacturer on entity establishment in the Kingdom, licensing, and drafting agreements.
  • Handling a litigation matter for intellectual property infringement for a franchise restaurant.
  • Drafting memorandums of understanding, and various commercial agreements for train track construction companies, and advising on agreements with the Saudi government.
  • Handling inheritance distribution and of various clients.
  • Drafting bylaws, articles of association addendums, and corporate governance agreements of major companies in the Kingdom including but not limited to AliReza Co.
  • Drafting legal opinions and structuring notes advising on legal matters, telecommunications (such as data centers and power towers), labor, aviation, marine, and shareholder conflicts.
  • A US industry leader in natural gas processing and treating solutions, gas compression equipment, produced water treatment systems and onsite power generation, on several corporate matters related to the restructuring, management and operation of its Saudi subsidiary;
  • A US diversified industrial company, developing for decades hydraulic systems and technology, on several corporate matters related to the formation of its Saudi subsidiary, managers powers and liabilities and Ministry of Investment notifications;
  • A Ukraine’s largest agricultural produce company and one of the world leaders at poultry farming in the agricultural market on several corporate matters related to the formation, restructuring, acquisition, managers powers and liabilities, clearance for acquisition of its Saudi subsidiaries, as well as commercial and employment matters;
  • A Spanish group of companies that is considered as one of the leading industrial engineering sector and specialized services companies in the world on several corporate matters related to the formation, restructuring and managers powers and liabilities of its Saudi subsidiaries, as well as construction, commercial and employment matters;
  • A Chinese listed manufacturer of high speed passenger trains and a comprehensive and maintenance services and rolling stock refurbishment provider on several corporate matters related to the managers powers and liabilities, as well as construction, commercial and employment matters of its Saudi subsidiary;

Bar Admission

  • 2020 – Licensed by the MoJ of Saudi Arabia
  • 2022 – Member of the Saudi Bar Association

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