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The unique nature and breadth of the judicial system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires practitioners with a deep knowledge of Sharia law and a profound understanding of the tenets of Islamic jurisprudence.

Our robust Litigation Team is skilled at settling business disputes throughout all levels and types of Saudi courts. Perhaps, there is not an area, industry, or regulatory issue in this domain that we have left untouched during our long practice spanning over four decades.

Our ability to understand complex domestic and international commercial disputes combined with our precedent-setting record and prowess in the courtroom has earned us a formidable reputation among our peers and throughout the business community in the Region. Our firm’s involvement often influences opponents to quickly settle their disputes with our clients.

A Deep Understand of the Saudi Judicial System

As the Kingdom’s procedural laws and court system evolve, so too does our practice, which remains at the forefront of changing regulations. With an increased focus on codification of regulatory laws governing key sectors of the economy (including banking, telecommunication, intellectual property, corporate, maritime, employment law, real estate, and concession rights), we recognize that our clients’ commercial and administrative disputes must be handled from diverse perspectives.

Our archives are replete with cases that were unique both in nature and complexity and had no precedent in local case law. In fact, many of our cases have resulted in landmark judgments. Our arguments, reasoning, and analysis in some of the most complicated and keenly contested cases won laurels – not only from the legal counsels of our clients – but those of the opponents and other legal luminaries in the Kingdom.

Litigation matters are entrusted to our highly qualified Litigation Practice Group with extensive experience in advocacy and trial work before all courts of law, judicial committees and commissions throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our firm is one of a select group to hold litigation licenses from both the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Commerce.

A Depth and Breadth of Resources to Support our Clients

No two disputes are identical. As such, we deploy the most appropriate strategies and resources to obtain an outcome that maximizes gains for our clients and/or minimizes their losses.

As our Litigation Practice Group is part of our larger business law practice, we can draw on the specialized expertise of other lawyers when client interests extend beyond litigation matters.

Our external network is extensive, allowing us to work closely with a variety of subject matter experts to strengthen the technical aspects of our argument and present cases with the greatest possible clarity and in a manner that is easily understood by all parties involved.

We deploy our resources prudently and in the most efficient and effective method possible.
We are always cognizant of client’s budgetary constraints and remain in constant communication on developments that can potentially impact costs.

About Our Litigation Practice Team

Our litigation lawyers have been representing domestic and international client for over five decades.

Notable Litigation Matters Include:

  • Defending a leading corporate on USD $10 billion product liability claim launched by the Saudi Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia.
  • Acting for an international airline on its claim in connection with a sale of goods contract at the Board of Grievance Commercial Committee.
  • Advising an oil and gas major on USD $217 million damages claim for breach of contract and non-payment, and USD $93 million damages claim for non-delivery in relation to a Kerosene purchase agreement.
  • Acting for an oil and Gas major in a USD $66 million damages claim for breach of contract and non-delivery in relation to a Natural Gas purchase agreement (counsel to defendant).
  • Settling a USD $20 million dispute relating to the construction of a tower that occurred between a major Italian contractor and a subcontractor.
  • Advising a group of heirs of a high-net-worth Saudi business family over a dispute related to the distribution of an estate with business and property valuations of over USD $4.8 billion. Our legal team facilitated the settlement through court and formalized the distribution of the estate for the client.
  • Defending a leading international manufacturer on a USD $10 billion claim in the Sharia Court.
  • Advising a leading domestic contractor on a USD $10 million dispute for breach of contract and non-compliance with contractual specifications relating to the construction of exhaust pipes in a power plant.
  • Acting for a major GCC financial institution on their dispute over a financial guarantee in the amount of USD $200 million for becoming the master developer of a mega multi-use government development project, one of its kind in Saudi Arabia. Our team advised and represented the client before the Committee for the Settlement of Banking Disputes.
  • Acting for a major offshore investment bank in its defence against claims by over 300 investors before different courts throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with total claim value exceeding over USD $100 million.
  • Representing a leading Bahraini bank in claiming and recovering monies over USD $100 million from two prominent entities in a successful court case to establish and claim shares and accrued dividends in a multinational company in the amounts exceeding USD $90 million before the Sharia Court, Board of Grievances Commercial Committee and the Finance Committee formed by a royal decree.
  • Advising a renowned tobacco manufacturing company on issues related to the class-action lawsuit filed by the authorities against all tobacco distributors in Saudi Arabia – rendering advice and protecting its interest.
  • Acting for an oil and gas major on a case filed by a publicly listed joint-stock agricultural company alleging appropriation of large tracts of land by our client demanding compensation in excess of USD $900 million. Our team successfully contested the ruling issued by the lower courts at the appellate level.
  • Representing a major oil and gas company in a claim of over USD $100 million alleging appropriation of a large tract of land in Yanbu. Our team successfully defended the client and had the claim overturned.
  • Advising an oil and gas major in a dispute with a publicly listed refining company over contractual obligations and compensation sought in amounts exceeding USD $400 million.
  • Representing a large-sized Saudi oil company in a dispute with a contractual petrochemical company in the Board of Grievance Commercial Committee, the value of the claim being USD $200 million.
  • Representing a prominent Saudi businessperson in a successful court case in Jeddah to enforce the partners’ agreement to liquidate their holding company and its subsidiaries.
  • Representing a leading Turkish company in its dispute with its Saudi distributor before the Board of Grievance (Commercial Court). This matter was judicially resolved in favour of our client.
  • Acting for a leading mobile telephone operator in a dispute with another operator over sharing of revenues in excess of USD $125 million. Our team facilitated an amicable settlement of the dispute.
  • Representing a leading multinational ports operator in its dispute with the local ports authorities over tariffs involving claims of over USD $100 million.
  • Acting for a multinational Belgian contracting company in its dispute with a local contractor over certain contractual obligations involving claims of over USD $23 million where the issue was successfully concluded in favour of our client.
  • Representing the majority partner in a joint venture business conglomerate composed of 10 large-sized companies engaged in the manufacturing of plastic and paper consumer and industrial goods over its dispute with the minority shareholder in the conglomerate.
  • Defending a global hotel operation and management group on jurisdictional issues related to their international management agreements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the seizure of one of their hotels in Jeddah, due to debts owed by the owner to the creditor.
  • Representing a prominent Saudi family member in an inheritance dispute between the heirs over assets with several large real estate properties valued over USD $200 million.
  • Representing a civil aviation authority of a foreign country in a successful lawsuit in connection with an international contract for the supply of goods.
  • Representing a leading Swiss-based Islamic finance institution on their dispute with a Saudi borrower which was heard before a Finance Committee formed by a royal decree.
  • Acting for a major Saudi industrial joint-stock company on its dispute with its partner, a leading German company, before Jeddah Chamber of Commerce Arbitral Tribunal, claiming damages of over USD $171 million and termination of joint venture and dissolution of the commercial relationship. Our legal team represented and obtained a favourable award for the client.
  • Acting for an internationally renowned Indian motor vehicles manufacturing company on negotiating the terms of a settlement agreement between them and their Saudi distributor for waiving the claims against the client in the amount of approximately USD $6.5 million. Our legal team enforced the award and de-registered the distributorship.
  • Advising an oil and gas major in a dispute involving claims of over USD $24 million by a contractor towards the works performed and damages. Our team successfully represented the client before the arbitral tribunal and had the tribunal adjudge award substantially lower than the sums claimed by the contractor.
  • Representing a major Saudi food manufacturing company over its claims in the amount of approximately USD $579 million after the termination of its joint venture with a leading international food products company in the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our team obtained a favorable decision.
  • Successfully representing a leading Saudi company on its claim for USD $255 million against its foreign joint venture partner before the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Representing a leading Saudi industrial company on its claim in excess of USD $100 million against its foreign joint venture partner. The claim also included the purchase of the foreign joint venture partner’s shares. This was successfully decided in favour of the client before the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce Arbitral Tribunal.
  • Advising a leading Islamic Investment Bank based in Bahrain in handling over 330 claims filed by individual investors throughout the Kingdom claiming return of investments.
  • Advising an oil and gas major in handing over 500 claims filed by corporate entities and individuals claiming title right to lands as well as claiming compensation for expropriation, use, and damages sustained to lands spread across the Kingdom.
  • Defending a Saudi oil and gas major against a claim in excess of US$ 800 million by a publicly listed joint-stock company with respect to the appropriation of land.
  • Advising a large-sized Saudi company in its dispute with a public entity over lease and operation of dry port with claims and counterclaims in excess of US$ 80 Million.

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No matter the complexity of your dispute, our litigation team has the capabilities and depth to defend your interests and produce sound resolutions. With offices located in Jeddah, Dammam, and Riyadh, we support domestic and international clients across the Kingdom. Contact us to book a consultation.

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